The Safe Harbor $1500 Added FargoRate 625 & Under

When The Chalk Dust Cleared
9/24/2022 event The Safe Harbor 1500 added FargoRate 625 & Under 9-Ball was set. 34 players from all over in the tri state area came out to test their skills in this FargoRate level event. Brews & Cues on the Boulevard is the home where On The Hill Productions provides the Maryland State Bar Table Championships of pocket Billiards.
Some of our hometown players pushed thru the field like Bobby Baldwin, Tina Malm, Dave Zecena too name a few. But when the chalk dust settled only one player is crowned for this series of pool action. Pennsylvania own Rick Miller won the hot seat, when trailing MD Dave Zecena 5-1. Some errors cost Dave the hotseat 7-5.
Ricks 6-0 road to the finals
Win over En Huang 7-6
Win over Dave Sund 7-5
Our own Dave Nangle 7-4
Win over Tina Malm 7-2
Hotseat win 7-5 and final 7-3 over Dave Zecena.
Great shooting to all.
Wanna give a big Shout Out to the Staff and Tomy Manning. With all added money from Greg & Susie Bowser at Safe Harbor Retirement Planners.
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