Bar Box Bonanza - Winners Recap

Bar Box Bonanza - Winners Recap

OTH Productions brings another event to close June 12, 2022. This event was a FargoRate Open event with a field of 51 players from all over. Virginia, Pennsylvania & New Jersey to name a few. Also, a crew of skilled level players from Maryland came to get the work done.

The FargoRate system was putting players to the test race wise. Kelly Daniel caught Brett Stottlemyer off guard and winning 10-4 race and Karlene Goodrich was victor over Tina Malm then a hill/hill match over Richard France. When the smoke cleared there were only 2. Rick Molineiro needing to double dip Logan Harrington the hotseat winning. The first set could go either way, but Molineiro fell short losing 7-4.

1-  $630/$2100 Logan Harrington
2 - $400/$1400 Rick Molineiro
3 - $250/$900 Paul Krimes
4 - $185/$400 Jimmy Varias

5/6 - $145/$300 Thomas Haas / Kelly Daniel7/8 - $110 Brandon Gordon / John Hergett 

9-12 $80 Robert Krull /  Bill Bickford / Karlene Goodrich / Sam Smith

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