What To Expect

  • Tournament stops 8 and 14 times from January - 2nd weekend of December.
  • Player Fields range from 64 to 128 players based on the game, players, and time restrains to finish on Sunday nights before midnight.
  • Some lady's events are limited to 64 players, with a Drop Inn event of 32 players
  • 8-Ball max entry 96 players
  • 9-Ball max entry 128 players
  • 10-Ball max entry of 128 players
  • Drop Inn events with field limits posted for the event.
  • Doors Open: 9 AM on Saturday for registration until 9:45 AM. Sunday times for doors to open will be verbally communicated Based on the size of the field that’s coming back to finish the event. 
  • Players Meeting: happens at 10 AM followed by the BID.
  • Event Start: Once all has been verified from registration, players meeting, and the bid, the event will start.

Added Money Breakdown

Added money is based on full field participation. Posted money is $2000.00 to any event, once full filed is reached that sum of money will be added into the prize fund. If full field is reached, the money break down is based on the number of players that entered as followed. 

  • ¼ Max field = $500 added
  • ½ Max field = $1,000 added
  • ¾ Max field = $1,500 added
  • 100% Max field $2,000 added

Open Dress Code

  • Open Dress Code Description: Neat attire nothing with holes or ripped clothing. All sponsored shirts are acceptable collared or neat tees. Dress for comfortable playing. 

Not acceptable: Open-toed shoes, cut-off shorts, or gray sweatpants. 

9-Ball Format

  • OTHP pattern for all 9-ball events will be Provided.
  • Template racks
  •  Race: FargoRate R7 exception will be posted on the event page
  • Alternate break
  • Rack your own
  • Push after break
  • 3 foul rules applied
  • Q-ball foul only
  • 9-Ball does count on a break
  • Texas Express Rules Applied  
9-ball tournament rack pattern

Alternate Break 

Legal Break: 8, 9 & 10-Ball

  • All games are played using alternating breaks.
  • 2 options on who breaks, coin flip, or lag for break. The winner of either way agreed upon starts off the set. Alternating the break is set, enjoy and have a great time competing. 

  • Occurs when striking the head ball (One Ball) and driving it through the rack. Driving a minimum of 4 or more balls to the rail.
    • If this doesn’t happen the income player must rebreak and keep the order in tacked.
    • This includes a miss-cue on the break, even if the cue ball passes the head string or kitchen. 

  • Scratching on the break is ball in hand anywhere on the table.

  • 9-Ball on the break isn't a win, the ball gets gets spotted back on the rack spot before the next shot is taken. 

Template Rack Rule

  • Once balls are set onto the template rack. The only adjustment thereafter is to freeze balls together, not make gaps between balls. All players have the option to look over the opponent’s rack.

    FargoRate Skill Level or Handicap 

    • OTHP Extension: The higher skilled player spots another player 2 or more games. The higher-level player receives the first break of the match. 


    Q-Ball Foul Only

    • Any movement of the q-ball is a foul or ball in hand.
      • Example: Using the tip of your cue for placement after receiving ball in hand. Accidents do happen something falls on it like chalk or simply brushing the ball with your shirt. Equals ball in hand. 

    Object Ball Movement

    If an object ball is moved during play, the player who moved the ball must let the other player know. His or her opponent must return the ball to or close the original spot where the ball was. If the ball crosses over the path of the Q-ball is a foul which is ball in hand. 

    Tournament Software

    • Digitalpool.com is Bridging the gap between pool players and technology 
    • Using this program, we are moving forward to bring a better experience for players with live scoring & texting matches, etc.
    • Player’s help needed: Please click on the link to Digitalpool.com and make a profile page for yourself. This will speed up the process and workload as a director occurs during event building until and time to check-in.
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