Seeing Red Can Stop You From Seeing Red

Seeing Red Can Stop You From Seeing Red

Lesson #88 


Anytime a ball is on the short rail, proper position on the ball before is critical. I call this zone the red zone. Here we have ball in hand and immediately say this is awesome! We are already counting the win becore we run the balls(don’t do that).

First, acknowledge the 8 ball in the red zone. Second,find the red lines that could make it hard to get out if you happen to get on the seven improperly. I like to position my stick and see my green funnel and play to a wide side of the green funnel. This makes it easy to get on the 8. You can see if you get on red just outside the green it could turn out to be a nightmare.

This is why I laugh when players say rotation is easy and lucky. These subtleties make rotation one of the most difficult of all games. Many that never achieve very high level 9 or 10 ball are unaware of highly sensitive position zones that allow top players to do what they do. It’s easier for them to call rotation lucky than to do the thousands of hours of study necessary to acheive peak performance.

I like one pocket but quite often I see players play sloppy and simply get rewarded with an easy safety. I had guys tell me they love one pocket because they don’t like pressure shooting hard shots so they can get close and protect the cueball. 😳

I tell everyone, play some one pocket but don’t fear making balls that you would make without a second thought when playing 9 ball. (Gorst, Filler, Chohan,Frost, Alex)….

Massive respect for how they attack!


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